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What a Transformation! See What a Tile Cleaning Service Did for This Quarry Tile Floor in Armonk, NY

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April 17, 2017

Everyone has a favorite room in their home. Some people prefer their bedroom, so they make sure to design it with trendy and comfortable décor. Others prefer to focus on their bathrooms, making investments to install lavish stone countertops and elegant tile work. However, it is not too common for people to invest their time and money in their laundry room. They are generally neglected when it comes to décor and pretty much forgotten when it comes to maintenance. That is, until you can no longer ignore the mess buildup.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Armonk, New York
A client of ours was doing some repairs on his house. One day, while doing his laundry, he noticed the floor in his laundry room had become a complete and utter mess of dirty tiles and discolored, grimy grout lines. Since he was already making repairs to the rest of the house, he thought he should do something about the laundry room, too. He was going to take the matter into his own hands, but once he saw how dirty the quarry floor was, our client made the wise decision to look for a professional Armonk tile cleaning service that could restore this floor.

Thankfully, the floor was quarry tiling, which is made of ground minerals like feldspar, clay, and shales, that have been quarried and baked at high temperatures in a process similar to brick-making. This makes it a highly durable and waterproof surface. A material with these kinds of qualities makes a perfect product for both commercial and residential use and certainly a great idea for a laundry room.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning in Armonk, New York
However, even if quarry tiles are exceptionally durable, apt for sustaining high foot traffic, spills, and other damaging agents, they still accumulate grime over time. This especially happens if they are not coated with a sealer every 12 months or so. Dirty quarry tiles can make a room look aged and filthy; if signs of staining appear, a professional cleaning service is necessary.

Wanting to have the laundry room floor repaired in a timely fashion, our client went on the Internet to search for the most efficient and reliable hard surface restoration experts in Armonk. While researching, he stumbled upon Sir Grout Westchester's website, and after going through their portfolio and customer reviews, he had found the perfect option. He placed a call and set up a free evaluation to see what they could do for his floor.

When our restoration technicians went to our client's Armonk residence to assess the floor damage, they noticed it had been a very long time since any kind of maintenance or sealing had been done. They noticed soap stains, discoloration, and the grout was no better. To mend all this and restore the floor's rustic charm, they proposed a tile cleaning service. Our client, trusting their experience and knowledge, agreed to the service.

On the scheduled day, our crew returned to turn this dingy laundry floor into a sight for sore eyes. They first sprayed a strong alkaline-based degreaser on the floor to loosen the grease and dirt build-up, then vigorously scrubbed each individual grout line and machine scrubbed the entire floor to rinse it. The team vacuumed the leftover dirty water to get rid of any trace of grime. To finalize the cleaning stage, we steamed the grout lines to remove any residue that could block the grout's pores.

Once the floor was clean and the tiles regained their original earthy tone, we sealed the quarry tiles to protect them before applying our proprietary ColorSeal on the grout joints. Sealing prevents the color sealant from seeping onto the tile and leaving a stain. After, our techs carefully applied charcoal gray color sealant to the grout joints, avoiding too much of it to get on the tiles. While most hard surface restoration companies refuse to use color sealing products on this kind of floor –the porous composition of quarry makes it prone to quickly absorb the tint, which is then very difficult to remove–, the technicians at Sir Grout Westchester are capable of doing it with ease after years of training and experience.

At last, we gave it the finishing touch by buffing the tiles with a pad and sham until it looked like a brand-new floor!

Once our technicians finished their job, they proudly showcased the results of their hard work to our client, who was deeply satisfied with the outcome. His laundry room had never looked as clean as it was now, and the new charcoal gray-colored grout made the quarry tiles stand out.

Before leaving, our team talked to the client a little bit about the quarry tile floor, offering a few tips to keep it from looking filthy again. Since quarry is very resistant, few precautions need to be taken, but in any case, it is best to forgo soap-based cleaners; they leave a sticky residue that attracts grime and makes floors look dirtier over time. A better option is a pH-balanced cleaner, which can keep both tiles and grout looking pristine without eroding the sealant or damaging the grout –the most vulnerable element in these types of floor. Also, they told them to clean up any spills as quick as possible to prevent stains on the grout and tiles.

Are your quarry tile floors looking dingy and aged from persistent stains and grime? Here at Sir Grout Westchester we offer hard surface restoration services to restore even your most derelict floors. Contact us by calling (914) 592-5902, or fill out our "Request a Quote" form and set up a free in-home evaluation; we will always be happy to assist you.

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