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This Shower in Chappaqua Looks Stunning After Getting Our Grout Recoloring Service

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April 09, 2024

No matter how many times we go over the same steps in our cleaning program, a shower can't show its full potential when the discoloration sets in. A homeowner in Chappaqua had changed cleaners three times, hoping to get better results on his shower grout. The result was the same on all accounts, and none of his products managed to make progress on the yellowed surface.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Chappaqua
The homeowner knew it was time to get a professional's input on how to deal with the problem, so he set out to find a reliable grout recoloring service in Chappaqua. He was impressed by Sir Grout Westchester early on in his search, and none of the options he checked later could measure up. The homeowner contacted our specialists and scheduled an appointment that same day.

As expected, our specialists were at his doorstep on the appointed date, and they started their evaluation of the shower area right away. The discolored grout caught their attention right away, and a thorough inspection confirmed the cause of the damage. Cement-based grout is prone to losing its beauty to exposure to hard water, and that's why orange grout lines are a common occurrence on many shower surfaces. The minerals in the water are bad enough, but there's also the damage caused by soap-based cleaners and other shower products. Traditional cleaners create a foamy film that permeates the grout pores and keeps the dirt within, so homeowners can't get rid of the stains later on.

Despite all this, the experts at Sir Grout Westchester know how to deal with grout damage, including the discoloration caused by chemicals, mold, and other external elements. Our techs described their restoration method to the homeowner and reassured him of their ability to make the shower look its best. Grateful for their assistance, the homeowner scheduled a new appointment right away. He couldn't wait to have his old shower back.

So, our experts returned to his house the very next day to complete the restoration. They started by scrubbing off all traces of mold and soap scum with the help of a surface-safe cleaner. This product's cleaning power ensured that this part of the process was done without a hitch, so our crew only had to use a 275-degree vapor streamer to get the surface ready for the next step.

The shower already looked better than it had in months, but parts of the grout still required special care. Our specialists installed epoxy grout on the most affected areas, namely the floor and all the corner joints. They put all their care into recaulking the surface so it could withstand water, mold, and wear and tear without falling apart for a long time. To complete the grout's restoration, they also applied ColorSeal to the grout lines on the wall, making the surface look spotless against the glowing ceramic tiles.

The homeowner was delighted with the result and he had nothing but praise for our work on the grout. As he said at the end of the appointment, the grout's clean white color was the missing touch that brought the tiles to life. He also promised to tell his friends and relatives about our services, hoping to help them make a breakthrough in their own grout cleaning efforts.

Before it was time to walk out of the client's home, our techs shared some additional pointers. They started by recommending pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to neutralize the spread of mold without adding all the side effects of chemical-based cleaners. Thanks to our cleaner, homeowners can save time while getting the expected result and they don't have to throw other products into the mix just to get the dirt detached from between the tiles.

Now, the right cleaners are only the starting point, homeowners also need the most effective tools to remove embedded dirt without leaving scratch marks on the tiles. When it comes to shower surfaces, our specialists always recommend using a towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee. In all those cases, washing your tools beforehand is essential to keep the dirt from spreading around other parts of your shower.

Last but not least, we recommend opening the windows and doors to increase the circulation of fresh air around your bathroom surfaces. Besides regular cleaning sessions and the right hygiene habits, there's no better way to keep a shower from suffering the worst effects of moisture buildup.

You don't need a miracle to have your shower looking as good as new for weeks on end. Sir Grout Westchester is ready to assist Chappaqua and its surrounding areas with thorough hard surface restoration services, including deep cleaning, sealing, and grout repair. Get in touch with our specialists today and you'll get the most amazing results. You can call (914) 592-5902 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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