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This Moldy Limestone Shower in Thornwood, NY, Was Completely Sanitized with a Stone Honing Service

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July 04, 2017

There are many reasons why people choose to decorate their bathroom using natural stone. First, the number of options can satisfy a wide variety of different design and decoration tastes; veiny marble is great for a classic, clean look, while tumbled travertine conveys a warmer, rustic feel, and black galaxy granite and quartz are the epitome of posh. Second, natural stone is sturdy and can withstand the wear of heavy foot-traffic and the passing of time quite well, especially if it is properly taken care of. Third, there isn't anything in the market that compares to natural stone, and it shows when you are looking to put your property up for sale.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing Service in Thornwood, NY
Our client wanted to sell her Westchester property now that the market was booming and prices were on the rise. However, there was a little detail that she was afraid could turn some potential buyers away: her shower. She had a beautiful Durango limestone shower that was currently infested with mold. Seeing that this could prevent her from selling her house and that it also posed a risk to her health, she decided it was time to look for a local high-quality Thornwood stone honing service that could help her clean her shower as quick as possible.

It wasn't like she hadn't tried cleaning the shower to get rid of the mold, but when mold penetrates tile, there is little an inexperienced person can do. That's why she went online and googled professional hard surface restoration companies in her area. She soon found Sir Grout Westchester's website among the first results. She carefully browsed through our credentials and our gallery of previous work we've done. Noticing the excellent results and recommendations, she decided to give us a chance and place a call to set up a free evaluation appointment.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing in Thornwood, NY
Sir Grout Westchester's owner, Tim O'Leary, arrived at our clients Thornwood residence on the scheduled time to assess the state of the shower and do some tests on the infected tiles to show our customer what the results could be. The test results really surprised our client, but with an open house coming up, she was hesitant to do the job just yet and decided to wait and see if the potential house buyers had any negative feedback about the shower. However, it wasn't long before she called again to set up the appointment for the job.

On the scheduled day, Mr. O'Leary returned with the team of techs and got to work right away on the shower. The main problem was the presence of the mold inside the stone pores, which made it especially difficult to remove. The first thing we had to do was hone the stone to expose the mold, which our techs did using diamond-impregnated pads. They worked hard on all the affected areas until the mold was exposed enough to apply a fungicide solution.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Honing Service in Thornwood, New York
With the mold gone, the Sir Grout Westchester's experts cleaned the shower by applying our proprietary, stone-appropriate cleaner and using a high-speed scrubber to wash out remaining residue and dirt. To prevent any future mold growth and also make these results last longer, they applied a deep-penetrating, solvent-based sealer to create a protective layer over the limestone tiles.

When our client finally saw the results, she knew the chances of selling her home had increased exponentially, as she could now show her house with confidence. She was definitely pleased with how her limestone shower looked now that it was clear of all the mold and was sure it would be a selling point for the house. She even took the time to write a review and let us know how she felt about her shower's new appearance:

Margaret H - Thornwood, NYJune 05, 2017

What a difference! I am thrilled. It looks brand new!


Mold problems are very common in the U.S., especially during rainy seasons. Mold is a type of fungi that is easily found outdoors, and because it reproduces through spores released in the wind, just opening a window can already expose you. Don't be alarmed though, this doesn't mean that all homes in America have patches of toxic mold just waiting to be found. Mold spores can enter your home with a breeze, but to actually reproduce they need a place that is humid enough.

Given they are constantly exposed to water, showers can become moldy nightmares if they aren't taken care of properly, as mold thrives in the humidity and feeds on residue like soap scum. Mold can be dangerous if it is allowed to grow too much. High concentration of mold spores can especially affect people with respiratory problems or allergic tendencies.

To prevent mold growth in your bathroom, you first must make sure to keep it dry. While showering, keep a window open and your bathroom well ventilated to avoid extra humidity. Also, don't forget to dry your shower after using it with a terry cloth or towel. And if you notice your grout blackening and has a musty odor, call a professional.

Sir Grout Westchester's team has ample experience helping homeowners deal with mold growth in their bathrooms. If your shower or bathtub are showing signs of mold, don't waste time and call us at (914) 592-5902 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to have a hard surface restoration expert at your place as soon as possible. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be privy to our latest promotions.

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