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Our Tile Cleaning in Bronxville, NY Restored the Appearance of This Moldy Shower

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May 20, 2023

Many homeowners struggle with mold. This organic growth always threatens to come back regardless of how many strategies are use to remove it. Mold thrives best in humid environments with warm temperatures and poor ventilation. Unknown to most homeowners, these conditions are easily created in homes, especially in bathrooms. Not only can mold ruin the appearance of your bathroom, but it can also cause severe health problems, so it's best not to leave it unattended.

Before and after Picture of This Shower after a Tile Cleaning in Bronxville, NY
A homeowner from Bronxville, NY, tried many different methods to keep her guest shower mold-free, but none of the DIY recipes or store-bought cleaners she used were enough to give her a long-lasting solution. Feeling helpless, she decided it was best to seek professional help. She went online and searched for reputable Bronxville tile cleaning professionals. She found our website in the top search results. After browsing the before and after picture gallery and seeing how our services resulted in perfectly clean bathrooms, she filled the form at the bottom to request a free consultation and a quote.

We visited the client's home a few days later to assess the problem. During the assessment, we noticed the reasons why mold kept growing back. First, the customer always kept the shower door closed. This practice traps humidity, keeping the shower moist. Second, the client often took hot showers, which produced warmth and humidity. These two practices made it so the organic growth couldn't be easily removed.

Before and after Picture of a Bathroom Shower in Bronxville, NY after a Tile Cleaning Job
Unfortunately, excess humidity had also taken a toll on the shower's grout lines. The grout on the shower floor was moldy, cracked, and moist, which meant it hadn't been sealed in a long time. Mildew had also begun growing on the shower wall's grout lines and gave them a pink tone.

With the shower's overall condition, it's no surprise that regular cleaning methods weren't enough to keep it clean. After learning why her maintenance routine had been ineffective, the homeowner asked if there was anything we could do to restore the shower's surfaces. We explained that even though the shower was in poor shape, we could still perform cost-effective procedures to make it appear brand-new.

Before and after Picture of Our Tile Cleaning in Bronxville, NY
First, we would perform a thorough tile and grout cleaning service using a steam cleaner to remove the mold and mildew. Second, we would seal the grout lines on the shower floor with epoxy ColorSeal. To finish, we would coat the shower's walls with Tile Armor, our impregnating sealant. The homeowner asked if we could also apply ColorSeal to the grout on the bathroom floor, to which we said we could. Convinced, the homeowner agreed to the service and scheduled another appointment for later that week.

On the appointed date, we went back to the client's home to perform the service. We began by soaking the shower's surfaces with a pH-neutral cleaning solution that's safe for both tile and grout. After we let it sit for a couple of minutes, we used a high-speed scrubber to remove the grime, mold, and mildew from the tiles and grout lines. Next, we used a pressurized vapor steam cleaner to remove the deep-seated mold on the shower floor.

After we finished cleaning, we began both sealing procedures. First, we repaired the grout on the shower floor and sealed it with one of our flagship sealants, epoxy ColorSeal. This is a high-quality epoxy-based sealant that keeps grout lines protected from water, humidity, stains, mold, and mildew. It's also very resistant, so it won't crack or peel when cleaned like other types of sealants. Additionally, this sealant comes in different colors, so the client can choose the hue that best matches their tiles. In this case, the customer chose white.

Next, we applied solvent-based clear impregnating sealant to the shower's walls. This is a sealant that keeps tile and grout protected from harmful external agents and helps preserve their appearance. After we finished sealing the shower's surfaces, we repeated the same cleaning and sealing procedure on the main bathroom floor. To seal the bathroom's grout lines, we used ColorSeal.

When we finished, we let the client see the results. Not only did we meet our client's expectations, but we also exceeded them. She thanked us for giving her once dirty-looking shower a pristine appearance. The mold that soiled her shower was finally gone and the entirety of the bathroom was now easier to clean. She promised to recommend our services and call back for maintenance.

Even though our services guarantee long-lasting protection against mold and mildew, it's necessary to take preventive measures to avoid their growth. For this reason, we gave the customer some care tips to ensure her shower remained mold-free for days to come. We first recommended keeping the shower's moisture levels down by keeping the enclosure dry and properly ventilated. To do this, we suggested keeping the shower door open and wiping away excess moisture after every shower. We also advised her to clean regularly using a pH-neutral cleaner like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Unlike other types of cleaners, this product won't leave any residue behind.

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