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Our Crew Restored a Shower in Armonk with a Top-Notch Grout Cleaning Service

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May 08, 2024

A homeowner in Armonk felt puzzled by the state of her shower. She was used to dealing with a lot of soap scum on her shower surfaces but getting rid of the embedded dirt had never been so hard. After getting stuck on the same issue over numerous cleaning sessions, the homeowner decided to trust our grout cleaning services in Armonk with her shower.

Tile Shower Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Armonk
She first learned about Sir Grout Westchester in a family gathering, when her sister started gushing about our results on her kitchen counter. The homeowner had been considering this option for her shower since then, but she was only convinced after visiting our website to get more information. Our picture gallery was particularly impressive, and she wanted to know if it was possible to transform her shower in a similar way.

A phone call conversation with one of our agents sealed the deal. The homeowner was eager to see our techs in action and figured that an in-home evaluation was the perfect way to learn more about our grout cleaning methods before making a decision.

At her request, our specialists visited her house later that week to look at the shower. The homeowner identified their uniform and vehicle right away so she welcomed them into her home while explaining the problems she'd encountered during her cleaning routine. Our techs could see the cause of her concern as soon as they saw the shower stall. All the seams were stained and a closer look revealed long cracks that ran parallel to the walls. Traces of mold sat between the tiles and the discoloration spread to the surface around the corners.

After a thorough inspection, our experts knew what to do. They explained that the grout's porous surface started absorbing water and soap when the sealant faded, creating the perfect spot for mold and mildew. Regular cleaners also kept the dirt stuck on the grout and made the tiles look unhygienic after dulling their natural shine. The solution was a thorough restoration package, including a deep cleaning service followed by repairs on the grout. The client was relieved to know that the damage to the seams could be fixed without tearing down any part of the shower, so she thanked our specialists before scheduling a new appointment.

On the agreed-upon date, our techs returned to her house early in the morning to start working on the shower. To remove the mold and efflorescence, they soaked every surface with a special cleaner and used a 275-degree vapor streamer to simplify their work on areas like the corner joints and the walls under the shower seat.

Next, our crew regrouted the vertical and horizontal seams with a special epoxy solution. This way, they made the surface less vulnerable to liquids and wear and tear since our epoxy grout is less porous than its cement-based counterpart. The homeowner wanted to recover the grout's natural color, so our techs completed the restoration with our signature ColorSeal. Available in multiple colors, this acrylic-based sealant makes the grout look amazing while repelling external elements.

At the end of the restoration, the shower looked amazing and all the walls had the most beautiful glow. The homeowner loved the result and promised to recommend Sir Grout Westchester to more people in Armonk.

Our techs had some additional tips to share with the client, as they often do at the end of a successful restoration. Since the client was worried about the effect of her cleaning products, our experts introduced pH-neutral cleaners as the most effective option for the maintenance of bathroom surfaces. Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner provides maximum effectiveness to save time while dealing with mold, soap scum, and other stains. Our cleaner does a thorough job without subjecting hard surfaces to harsh chemicals, and homeowners can stop worrying about the effect of harsh fumes in their living spaces. As our techs explained, our cleaner works best when combined with non-abrasive tools like a clean towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee. This way, homeowners can remove all the stains in record time and prevent scratch marks on their shower tiles.

Our specialists also reminded the client to keep an eye on the room's ventilation. If the air becomes stale, the effect will soon show in your shower stall. A good way to avoid this is by opening the windows and the bathroom door at different times of the day so you can get more air into your bathroom surfaces.

Sir Grout Westchester provides the most impressive results, no matter the case. You can come to us if you're dealing with a moldy shower or if you can't stop the cracks from spreading across your grout. Our specialists will provide a lasting solution and the transformation will take your breath away. Just call (914) 592-5902 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates. Sir Grout Westchester is the answer you've been looking for!
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