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Our Caulking Services Restored the Beauty of This Shower in Pleasantville

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March 13, 2024

A homeowner in Pleasantville was very fond of her master shower, to the point that regular cleaning didn't feel like a chore in that part of the house. The shower boasted a variety of tile patterns that added a unique air of vitality. Despite all this, the homeowner wasn't blind to all the flaws that her cleaners couldn't fix.

Tile Shower Floor Before and After Our Caulking Services in Pleasantville
The colors on the floor looked slightly less vibrant due to exposure to mold and soap scum, but the grout was the homeowner's biggest concern. She was exhausted after cleaning all the grout lines on different parts of the shower, and it was upsetting to see stains and cracks remain on the surface. The homeowner found the same issues for weeks until she decided to contact our caulking services in Pleasantville.

She'd heard about Sir Grout Westchester from some of her friends at work so it wasn't hard to find our website online. The homeowner took her time checking its content, which thoroughly convinced her that the shower would be in good hands with our techs. She contacted us via our scheduler and our techs went to her house just two days later.

During the evaluation, they checked all the grout lines and the floor and the walls, as well as the grout on the shower joints. The hex tiles on the floor were mildly discolored, partly from the soap scum that remained on the porous surface. When asked about the causes, our techs explained that hard water and shower products can gradually weaken the color of tile and grout surfaces. Soap-based cleaners also play a part, trapping dirt and other elements under a foamy layer that makes cleaning needlessly harder.

By the end of their visit, our specialists knew what they had to do. They offered to have the shower restored with the full cleaning, sealing, and regrouting package. The homeowner felt much better once they reassured her about the effectiveness of their restoration method and she didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment.

On the agreed-upon date, our crew returned to the client's home in Pleasantville. First, they made sure to spread a special cleaner across all the shower surfaces and started removing the dirt as it got loose. No part of the shower was left untouched, and our techs paid special attention to the parts of the grout where the layers of dirt were thicker. They also used a 275-degree vapor steamer to get more thorough results, especially around harder-to-reach surfaces.

For the next step, our specialists applied ColorSeal to the grout on the walls. On top of repelling dirt water, and other external elements, our acrylic-based sealant also keeps the grout looking amazing for weeks at a time. It's the ideal solution to reduce time and effort during your cleaning routine.

It was time to repair the damaged grout around the floor. Our experts removed the old caulk before installing epoxy grout. Resistant to water, mold, decay, and other sources of damage, our epoxy seal provides the best long-term protection, making the grout ten times stronger against wear and tear. Our techs also applied tile sealant to the rest of the shower before calling the client into the room to see the result.

The shower stall looked gorgeous, and the homeowner couldn't be happier. She couldn't wait to show her newly-restored shower to her family and promised to recommend our amazing caulking services to all the people she knew.

These are the recommendations that our techs shared with the client after the restoration: While there's no shortage of soap-based cleaners available these days, pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the best option to remove the dirt on bathroom surfaces. Our product doesn't have any of the harmful side effects you'd get from other formulas. It doesn't cause discoloration on the tiles and it doesn't expose homeowners to toxic fumes. This powerful product is all you need to eliminate mold, mildew, efflorescence, and other stains from your shower.

That recommendation is followed by a reminder to avoid abrasive tools that could leave scratch marks on the tiles. A towel, a terry cloth, or a squeegee will be much more effective at removing embedded dirt from harder-to-reach surfaces. Our final tip was to ensure that the bathroom was well ventilated at different times of the day. Regular cleaning is important and a great starting point, but a damp environment can make all your effort go to waste. Homeowners can do a lot to prevent moisture buildup with simple changes in their daily routine, by opening the windows every day and wiping any pools of water from the shower floor.

Sir Grout Westchester helps you ensure that your shower is always in top condition. Our trained technicians know how to fix any type of damage, and we have the most advanced equipment for maximum efficiency. A soiled grout doesn't have to permanently ruin your shower's look, so let us help you with our hard surface restoration services. Feel free to call (914) 592-5902 or schedule a free quote online if you want to request an appointment. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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